BT-1100/50 Smart Thermal Box

CAPACITY - 30 liters.
CABINET - Thermoplastic material.
TEMPERATURE HOMOGENIZER - The forced-air circulation ensure perfect homogenization of the temperature at all points inside the equipment. It shuts down when the door is opened.
WORKING RANGE - Minimum of 2 °C and maximum of 8 °C (or 6 °C for storage of blood and its components), with set point at 4 ° C, or adjustable by user, with a variation of + -0.1 °C.
AUDIOVISUAL ALARMS - Temperature below 2 °C, temperature above 8 °C (or 6 °C for storage of blood and its components), or adjustable by user. Alarms for electric power cut, open door, inhibit key to silence the buzzer for 15 minutes, or adjustable by user. Equipped with alarm simulator.
MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE - Real time follow-up,  access to charts and reports remotely via mobile application, including retroactive data, allowing management of the refrigerator via Internet with RS232/485/DB-25 serial output.
EMERGENCY SYSTEM - It operates through a 12 volts (cc) to 110/220 volts (ac) converter, supporting all the electro-electronic voltages, including the cold compressor for 2 hours*.*Emergency System autonomy can vary due to the ambient temperature and battery conditions.
OPERATION - 100/240 VOLTS 50/60 Hz (automatic) and 12 VDC (vehicular).
CASTERS - Castors and retractable handle type.
ANVISA BRAZIL - 80573310001.