Who we are


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We were born to be innovative.

Our legacy is bring SOLUTION to improve Cold Chain.

Biotecno is a Brazilian company with 17 years of experience in the medical-scientific refrigeration market. Due to Biotecno founders hard work, the company has been thriving in the national market after developing an innovative product, capable of revolutionizing the current way of conserving vaccines and scientific products.
Biotecno project development team’s knowledge aligned with the needs of Health Centers, Clinics and Hospitals, allowed the creation of a refrigeratorlinewhich can operate during power cut or failure,therefore avoiding expensive losses of material due to hazards, and ensuring product quality. Recognized by its quality, Biotecno complies with the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practices System, keeping traceability of all products as well as constant contact with customers.

We have much to create, many solutions, ideas and a relentless resilient spirit that makes us grow, learn, reinvent ourselves every day. Our business is to transform technology into solutions for health.